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What is a Gloryhole?

Definition: A Glory Hole is the slang name for hole located in a partition in which one’s penis will be inserted, thus separating the participants and ensuring anonymity throughout the act of copulation or fellatio. The most common place to find Glory Holes are in Adult Book Stores that have video arcades.

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This site was formerly officially known as Gloryhole Hustlers.


Gloryhole Etiquette

The process is very simple but there are still a few things you need to know. When you enter the movie arcade area of and Adult Book Shop, you will see one or more rows of doors that lead into the video booths. There are normally several ways of determining if a booth is occupied. The most common will be “red” and “green” lights located near each door. Once money is inserted into the video machine, the lighting turns from red (vacant) to green (occupied). Certain locations offer unlimited videos for one payment instead of having to pay per minute so ask about this option. Some places also have peep-holes and half-doors but these are mainly used by the employees to determine if more than one person will be in a booth at a time which is usually against their policies.

Once you find a vacant booth, get into it and put money or tokens into the video machine. This is how the shop makes their money and the workers check them on a regular basis. You will see channel select and volume control features on the front of the video machine. In case you are there to get your cock sucked then simply put your finger through the hole and rub it along the bottom. This is actually the common signal letting the person on the other side know you are ready to receive. In case you are presently there to suck cocks after that just wait for the same signal. It could be tough to read body language through the wall so the typical courtesy to notify the “receiver” of ejaculation is a few gentle taps on the wall.

Some locations possess rows of booths which allows each booth to have a hole on both sides. This enhances the experience because the person waiting can watch while anticipation builds.

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